is a long lasting lubricant formulated to withstand even the most demanding conditions...

Distance per bottle: “ Don't let the size fool you. One bottle will give you up to 5000 km of SMOOVE riding.”


SMOOVE UNIVERSAL CHAIN LUBE is a long lasting lubricant formulated to withstand even the most demanding conditions.


Whether in wet or dry conditions, SMOOVE is extremely durable and one application lasts a whole ride, effectively protecting your mechanical drive train components from wear and tear.


SMOOVE also reduces friction, enabling you to unlock optimal performances. SMOOVE is self-cleansing, 100% biodegradable and solvent free.


Make SMOOVE part of your workshop today!

SMOOVE’S distinctive 125ml oval bottle ensures a constant controlled flow rate. It’s needle nozzle guarantees that every application is accurate and waste-free. SMOOVE utilises an advanced formula ideally suited for all types of bicycles.


  • Apply SMOOVE to a dry chain.
  • Apply on the inside of the chain while turning the pedals to ensure that the lube gets worked into the chain.
  • Let the lube dry for at least a hour.
  • Best results are achieved if lube is applied the night before.
  • Do not wipe chain after application.
  • Too much lube will cause residue to accumulate around the derailleur pulley wheels and cassette.


SMOOVE answers...

How do I apply Smoove?

It works best to apply the lube on the inside of the chain in the middle of the rollers. Squeeze the bottle gently to release a constant flow of lube on the chain and keep on going until a small web or bubble forms between the rollers on the narrow link. Work the Lube into the chain by back pedalling about 20 rotations. Leave overnight to dry.

What is the best way to clean my chain when I use Smoove?

It is best to use a citrus based degreaser when cleaning your chain , if you use a normal degreaser make sure to use hot water to help soften the lube so that the surfactant in the soap can break down the lube.

How much Smoove should I apply?

Smoove works best if you apply a heavy application less often. Refer to the correct application video.View our video on Facebook

Will Smoove work in wet conditions?

Smoove was engineered to work in 90% of all conditions and it’s the only true universal chain lube on the market.

Will smoove work on my road bike?

Smoove works unbelievably well on road bikes, simply apply as per the instructions.

Can Smoove be used for anything else?

Smoove was specifically engineered for bicycle chains but it works very well to lube your gear cables and housings.

The chain lube that speaks for itself...

Fantastic product! I love local products that work so well in our conditions - Fritz Pienaar

Blackie Swart

”Switzerland is full of the stuff!! It even works in snowy conditions…”

The Hub

“I used Smoove in all races and conditions this year. The major test came at the Cape Epic, 8 days in some of the harshest conditions, even 1 properly muddy day. Almost 400 hours and 11000km since January.”

Kyle Poppleton

”Best lube out there by far!”

Zoon Cronje

”I love this product, now you just need one lube and one application for any conditions!”

Jaco Prinsloo

“This is BRILLIANT stuff!”

Tiago Santos

“For the past couple of weeks I have been using this product. I can only say good things about it, I can use it worries free and no matter what kind of weather or terrain, it won’t grab dirt to my drive train and when I need to wash my bike everything comes off easily. For that, I need to show you my joy of using such a great product. I am already recommending it to all my friends.”