SMOOVE – your new favourite chain lube.

Smoove™ is a long lasting bicycle chain lube for use in any terrain. Smoove™ works in dry, wet, muddy or perfect sunshine conditions. Smoove™ reduces chain wear and increases the lifespan of drivetrain components. Smoove™ lasts longer between applications than most other chain lubricants, runs cleaner and is extremely durable. Love your chain – use Smoove™.
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Long Lasting

SMOOVE™ UNIVERSAL CHAIN LUBE is a long lasting lubricant formulated to withstand even the most demanding conditions.

Works in all conditions

Wet or dry? SMOOVE™ is extremely durable and one application lasts a whole ride, effectively protecting your mechanical drive train components from wear and tear.

Reduces Friction

SMOOVE™ also reduces friction, enabling you to unlock optimal performances. SMOOVE™ is self-cleansing, 100% biodegradable and solvent free.

SMOOVE PREP has arrived!

SMOOVE™ Universal Chain Lube now has a partner – SMOOVE™ PREP Chain Cleaner. You asked and we listened, now, after months of behind the scenes testing and development, we are proud to announce the launch of SMOOVE™ PREP. Think of SMOOVE™ PREP as the conditioner to your shampoo, the milk in your coffee, the seat on your seat post… ok, you get the idea!

We developed SMOOVE™ Universal Chain Lube to be the longest lasting chain lubricant available – and it is – but every now and then, your drivetrain needs some proper cleaning and this is where SMOOVE™ PREP comes in. SMOOVE™ PREP was developed with special “stuff” (read: lots of technical polymer science stuff) that is specifically formulated to clean, dissolve and neutralize SMOOVE™ Universal Chain Lube in just two easy steps. (The fresh natural citrus smell is part of the magic ‘active ingredients’ – our secret!)


Step 1 > Apply SMOOVE to a clean dry chain.
Step 2 > Apply on the inside of the chain while turning the pedals to ensure that the lube gets worked into the chain.
Step 3 > Let the lube dry for at least an hour.
Step 4 > Best results are achieved if lube is applied the night before.
Step 5 > Do not wipe chain after application.
Step 6 > Too much lube will cause residue to accumulate around the derailleur pulley wheels and cassette.


  • Thoroughly impressed with this stuff. One application lasts for several long days on the bike and survives gritty moisture better than anything I've tried.Kevin Collings

    Kevin Collings
  • Over the past 4 years, I have tried many products to clean my chain with various mixed results.

    Having used Smoove Lube for a long while with great success, I decided to try the Smoove Prep, as a last resort to clean the chain and cassette properly. Man! I was amazed at the results, the chain looks like new, with a chain cleaning tool and Smoove Prep, you cannot go wrong.

    I am encouraging members of the NOOBS PTA MTB Facebook group to use this as it works wonders!

    Maybe there is truth in the saying "leave the best for last"

    André Venter
  • If you are looking for a lube that’s going to go the distance and keep your drive train quiet and lasting longer, Smoove is the way to go, no questions asked.

  • For the past couple of weeks, I have been using this product. I can only say good things about it, I can use it worries free and no matter what kind of weather or terrain, it won’t grab dirt to my drive train and when I need to wash my bike everything comes off easily. For that, I need to show you my joy of using such a great product. I am already recommending it to all my friends.

    Tiago Santos
  • I used Smoove in all races and conditions this year. The major test came at the Cape Epic, 8 days in some of the harshest conditions, even 1 properly muddy day. Almost 400 hours and 11000km since January.

    The Hub
  • I have tried all of the lubes out there. This is the easiest and cleanest one I have used. I degreased my drivetrain from DK200 and applied some SMOOVE... it sounded like new. I wish that I had some on during the DK200. I will in 2018!

    Justin Rumley
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