Life in the Saddle tested Smoove and had the following to say:

What lube would you choose for a 3,000 kilometre bike tour? You’re not sure what conditions you will encounter, and you definitely won’t be able to wash and clean your bike regularly… I chose the South African brand Smoove Lube for the #7Countries7Passes trip.

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Road Bike Action Magazine had this to say about Smoove.

Smoove is a brand out of South Africa that developed a lube that became one of my favorites very quickly. It works a bit different than most and does take a bit more preparation, but once you get it on, it just keeps working. I was skeptical at first, and even the first use did not go so well, as I tried to rush the process. After following the directions the second time around, I’ve been a fan, and you can find a bottle or two everywhere I work on
my bike.

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The techies at put Smoove through it’s paces and it passed with flying colours.

With SMOOVE, I reached the magic number of one chain per cassette. When the chain was worn out, so was the cassette. Looking at the GREEN column above, SMOOVE had the lowest total 15,000-mile (24,140km) cost of all chain lubes tested.

SMOOVE is the hands-down winner of this test!

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